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4 files.
Unused Blue Shell 1.0 by RosalinaDaHacker64

This is an Unused Model which is a Blue Shell (not [i]Spiny[/i] Shell) found in the game's Filesystem. It's replaced...

Submitted 2016/12/18, 6:01

Unused Soccer Ball 1.0 by Octoling

This is the unused Soccer Ball usable in Mario Kart 7. It is a model swap over green shells.

Submitted 2016/08/29, 14:27

GCN Skybox (MK: Double Dash!!) 1.0.0 by мĸ7тeѕтer

This is the sky box used for most courses in Mario Kart: Double Dash, as well as a few in...

Submitted 2016/01/17, 12:34

Brick Item 1.0.0 by MKGirlism

Replace it, with 0x42B599A5 (itemBanana), in RaceCommon.szs, using the same way, as you would Replace a Custom Track. ...

Submitted 2015/06/23, 17:17

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