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Mario Kart Zero 1.3 by szymbar, Yawshi, Super, Miles Ermiiworth, and MKstefaaanDS

Views: 26335 | Downloads: 17558 | Submitted 2015/06/29, 17:30 | Updated: 2015/06/30, 1:10 | Filesize: 30,53 MB


A ROM hack created by SYStEM way back in 2012.Original description:"The epicest ROM hack of Mario Kart DS ever!
Update to 1.3 fixes Game-Breaking Distortion Flipper bug you were complaining about, adds new mission (on Distortion Flipper obviously), new texture pack update at LM2, new upper and lower screens (BECAUSE WE'RE EPICCCC) and updates some CTs.
Have fun!
As we wrote 237927389203792 times, OLDER R4S ARE NOT SUPPORTED, GEEZ.What's New in Version 1.3*Menu.carc mission.mr
*cross_course(Tex).carc Textures
*old_choco_sfc.carc Added MissionRun folder & mr15_tool.nkm
*old_luigi_agb(Tex).carc DKR Ancient Lake v2
*Generalmenu.carc New Upper and Lower screen (Might be glitching when leaving VS mode)
*ridge_course(Tex).carc Ermelber Circuit 1 v3"