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Mario Kart Infinity RC1 by szymbar, Yawshi, Super, Miles Ermiiworth, and Gericom

Views: 7715 | Downloads: 3548 | Submitted 2015/06/29, 17:36 | Filesize: 11,35 MB


Mario Kart Infinity is the Kiosk Demo counterpart to Mario Kart Zero created by SYStEM back in 2012. Read the inclosed "README" file before using
Release Candidate 1 contiains:
-More Green
-Better Epicest Banana
-New Start music
-New Star Music
-DK Pass Summit V2
-Wario Pinball Colossuem V2
-Better Dry Bowser
-More Pallete edits
-Golden Bob-omb fix
-Most if not all bugs fixed