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N64 Rainbow Road 1.3.0 by ステーウィ1.0, PabloMK7, MKGirlism, szymbar, Stomatol, and Solaris

Views: 1641 | Downloads: 605 | Submitted 2015/09/15, 2:04 | Updated: 2016/08/08, 0:37 | Filesize: 1,29 MB


N64RR for Mario Kart 7, this is the final release, and for now, there aren't any plans to update it.

Solaris: Road Texture, and a bit of Mapping.
Stewie2.0: Idea, Model Decoration.
Szymbar15: Intro Camera.
Ph&g: Model, KCL, KMP, Animation, Bottom Screen Map.
MKGirlism: Model, placing the Model correctly.
Stomatol: Material helping.

Changes in 1.3.0

- Added fireworks and moon
- Improved the model and road animation
- Fixed replay bug
- Fixed Star Rings
- Minor fixes