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Stewie1.0's Custom BCSAR Sounds 1.0.0 by ステーウィ1.0

Views: 1216 | Downloads: 634 | Submitted 2015/09/19, 8:19 | Updated: 2015/09/19, 9:40 | Filesize: 9,72 MB


Sounds Replaced:* Road Drifting Sound = Idk where this is from lol* Boost Sound = Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Boost Sound* Trick Sound = MK8 Trick Sound* Goal Sound = MKDS Goal Sound (Time Trial)* Item Box Hit = MK8 Item Box Hit* Item Roulette = MK8 Item Roulette
* Item Get = MKDD Item Get* Final Lap Jingle = "Yeah! The Final Lap!" from F-Zero X (also has asound from Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX)
* Starman = Mario Sports Mix Starman* Warning Sound (Blue Shell) (Not in video): Probably from a Sonic game
* Lightning = Also probably from a Sonic game (Note: The sound can also be heard at a track that has lighting sounds in the background like Wario Shipyard)
* A couple of Toad's Sounds r from MK64.