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CTGP-7 (Main Download) 0.14.1-2 by PabloMK7

Views: 78604 | Downloads: 37383 | Submitted 2015/10/29, 2:52 | Updated: 2017/08/03, 8:11 | Filesize: 212,86 MB



CTGP-7_installer.cia QR code to use with FBI.

Official download for CTGP-7.
Available hacks (v0.14.1-2):
Custom Tracks:
Elemental Cave
Banshee Broadwalk 2
Space Road
Evergreen Crossing
Miku's Birthday Spectacular
Galvarny Falls
GBA Cheese Land
GCN Wario Colosseum
Bayside Boulevard
Shower Circuit
GBA Bowser Castle 3
GBA Riverside Park
GBA Sky Garden
Concord Town
SNES Ghost Valley 2
GCN Peach Beach
DS Cheep Cheep Beach
SNES Mario Circuit 1
N64 Rainbow Road
Kalimary Icy Desert
N64 Mario Raceway
N64 Frappe Snowland
Autumn Forest
Wii Wario's Mine
DS Yoshi Falls
N64 Moo Moo Farm
DS Desert Hills
DS Tick Tock Clock
Melody Sanctum
Castle Of Time
cc modifier
Custom font
Yoshi eggs (shell model hack)
Custom menus
Red Yoshi
Gold Mario
Mr L.
Blue big wheels
Bandicoot Team Kart
Gold Mantis Kart
Silver Arrow Kart
Arcade Kart
DS Monster Wheels
Fire Swooper
CTDP (Custom Track Download Play)
CT multiplayer
CT Online
DarkFlare: Custom Track Maker & Original Idea.
PabloMK7: Custom Track Maker, menu edits, manager app, plugins.
Ermelber: Custom Track Maker & KMP expander developer.
MKGirlism: Custom Track Maker & server hosting.
MK7Tester: Custom Track Maker.
Stewie1.0: Custom Track Maker.
SpyKid: Custom Track Maker.
Baoulettes: Custom Track Maker.
Dandy: Custom Track Maker.
BBTalk: Custom Track Maker.
Szymbar: Custom Track Maker.
Maxi.: Custom Track Maker.
TheZoroak007: Custom Track Maker.
Gericom/MKDS3: Every File Explorer developer.
Yoshidude4: Custom Track maker & Custom Kart Maker.
Tomix: Custom Kart Maker.
ElKerouz: Gold Mario, menu icons.
Cochu U: DS Desert Hills music maker.
Fishguy: Speedometer
Mence: Custom Track Maker
MegaKart69: Custom Track Maker.
JorisMKW: Custom Track Maker.
cell9: NTR CFW developer, layeredfs.
smealum: *hax and hans developer.
Rinnegatamante: lpp 3DS.
Nanquitas: help & BootNTR Selector.

Changes in 0.14.1-2

Experimental features (NTR): (have to be enabled from the manager app)

- Added a new plugin using CTRPF:
-- Open the new plugin using (Select).
-- CC Selector and Speedometer has been moved to the new plugin.
-- Custom Tracks are automatically disabled online, use the "Allow Online Custom Tracks" option to play in the community.

Normal features:

- Added Melody Sanctum (by SpyKid & Mecha).
- Added Castle Of Time (by MegaKart69 & Mecha).
- Replaced CT Canyon with Autumn Forest (by JorisMKW & Mence).

- Updated Shower Circuit.
- Updated GBA Sky Garden.
- Updated Concord Town.
- Updated N64 Mario Raceway.
- Updated Wii Wario's Gold Mine.
- Updated Evergreen Crossing.

- Updated NTR to 3.6.