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SNES Ghost Valley 2 Beta 0.1 by ステーウィ1.0

Views: 1000 | Downloads: 381 | Submitted 2016/01/02, 16:36 | Updated: 2016/01/04, 4:09 | Filesize: 940,2 KB


An alpha of Ghost Valley 2 by me. So far, there are some enemy route bugs, some KCL bugs, lack of boos, etc. In the future, it will have more details, like maybe some rooms with Boo Portraits and Chandeliers.

Changes in Beta 0.1

It still has bugged enemy routes and I cant seem to fix it. Same with item routes, but not as bad as enemy routes.
Updated features:
*Added a higher fall boundary (doesn't work in some areas for some reason)
*Added a house section
*Added Boo Portraits
*Added Chandeliers
*Added DsMoon
*Added Moving Item Boxes