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GCN Baby Park Beta 0.1 by ステーウィ1.0

Views: 1463 | Downloads: 654 | Submitted 2016/01/28, 7:17 | Updated: 2016/02/05, 13:09 | Filesize: 1,24 MB


A port of GCN Baby Park from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It has 6 laps, since MK7 cant have 7 laps. So far, no animations and other additions yet (except coins and item boxes).

To do:
*Add animations
*Add vertex colors
*Fix all bugs
*Add Yoshi Helicopter
*Add Yoshi Train (if possible)
*Maybe invisible walls

Known bugs:
*The respawns can get buggy sometimes (just try not to go in the grass in the middle of the track)
*For some reason, if your a light character, you'll fall through the road at the first turn on the right side.
*Lags sometimes in GP (VERY little in a couple spots in Time Trial)
*NEW: Sometimes out of nowhere, the track crashes in GP. (it might have something to do with the Item Routes)