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Miku's Birthday Spectacular v4 by ステーウィ1.0

Views: 1634 | Downloads: 512 | Submitted 2016/02/15, 13:31 | Updated: 2016/09/10, 7:42 | Filesize: 1,27 MB


This track is inspired by Miku's birthday featuring songs she's sang in the past.
(Possibly) final release

This track was originally planned to be in the shape of Miku's head.

Changes in v4

*New enemy and item routes
*Added Mrs. Pumpkin (Inspired by Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream)
*Added Miku by the TV from LOL -lots of laughs-
*Added Spinning Bunny Mikus from LOL's animated PV
*Added Miku and her Marching Dog from Doremifa Rondo
*Added Hood Miku (inspired by Clover Club)
*Added Infinity Miku (inspired by The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku)
*Added another Infinity Miku with angel wings
*Added Miku with animated hair and skirt (Inspired by Kimi no Taion)
*Added Racing Miku 2016
*Added underwater section with 2 Mikus from Deep Sea Girl (the water also inspired Deep Sea Girl)
*Added Music Piranhas from Music Park
*Changed the moon symbol color from black to green
*Changed the boost pad colors to blue
*Darker road and some darker textures
*Changed the cake to a 2D graphic due to lag
*Removed 2 Hachune Miku statues due to lag
*Reduced the track model bcmdl size from 1,223KB to 425KB
*Reduced bcmdl size of 2D Dream Fever Miku, and made it darker
*Reduced bcmdl size of Hello, Planet Balloon