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3DS SZS Packer 1.1 by PabloMK7, and Baoulettes

Views: 1164 | Downloads: 489 | Submitted 2016/09/29, 2:39 | Updated: 2017/01/26, 9:23 | Filesize: 9,93 MB


SZS Packer 1.0

I know only a few person will read it but still.
I will try to cover what this software do.
So here how it work :
first enter proper name (Without .SZS in !)
Example :
SZS name : | Gctr_UnderGround | .szs

Then select where the SZS should be saved as
(if a SZS with same name exist it might overwrite it !)

then SZS source folder is the folder that contain all your
files and folder in proper SZS structure.

Now you will ask me yeah but why such software when a script already does it ?
Well for now that the same but noticed that "Verify SZS Sources" button?
check this video to get how to use my Software :

Thanks to PabloMK7 for CMD lines ;)

Changes in 1.1

1.1 Change logs :

Fixed 'Stlamp' object not being placed as it should it's folder !
Fixed 'Verify SZS sources' button not doing it's work in renaming on lower spec computer.
Reworked buttons placement to allow a third one to be there :)
Added a tiny progress bar for 'Verify SZS sources' Function. (only for fancy as it will normaly do it almost instantly !)
Added 'Option' Button with the current functions and maybe later another functions.
Added themes system in Options ! (yes it keep change in a .ini file, if somehow your theme is corrupted delete 'Options.ini' in software-folder/Resources/
Added a button find folder application for futur update and user ease :)

How to install :
Simply put SZSPacker.exe where ever you wish and enjoy.
All .ini will be in Resources folder next to the .exe

to update the application that the same just overwrite all your files with the one in .rar
Yes it will keep your old params now worry for that.