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Linux Tool Chain (Mirror) 0.2 by MKGirlism

Views: 742 | Downloads: 328 | Submitted 2016/10/23, 17:58 | Updated: 2016/11/01, 22:34 | Filesize: 844,4 KB


Coming soon: Official apt-get, yum, YaST, and pacman repositories for the Linux Toolchain.

This Hack Store submission acts like a mirror to the said Tools, in case the Repository doesn't work (like at this moment).

Install Instructions

1. Download the .tar.gz file.

2. Open the Terminal, and do: cd Downloads

3. Unpack the Tarball: tar zxfv linuxtools.tar.gz

4. Fix privileges: chmod 777 install.sh

5. Execute the installer as root: ./install.sh

Tools included

kclcalc-ds (MKGirlism)

kclcalc-7 (MKGirlism)

narctool (Natrium42, and Dexter0)

ndstool (Rafael Vuijk, Dave Murphy, and Alexei Karpenko)

ctrtool (Neimod, and 3DSGuy)

makerom (3DSGuy)

bmdview (thakis)

midi2sseq (Fincs)

sseq2midi (Loveemu)

More is coming soon.

Changes in 0.2

- Added yaz0enc and yaz0dec by amnoid (?).
- Added makeromfs by 3DSGuy.