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DS Figure-8 Circuit RC 0.4 by MKGirlism, and Miles Ermiiworth

Views: 3416 | Downloads: 889 | Submitted 2015/06/23, 17:23 | Updated: 2015/11/22, 16:59 | Filesize: 929,25 KB


There are a few problems, with this Track, but we're still working on it.
Thanks Ermelber, for Checkpoints in the KMP.
Thanks me, for everything else.
Known Issues
1. Item Boxes and Coins are all outside the Track, so you'll never get them. Will be fixed later.
2. In Grand Prix Mode, CPU's will very Randomly. Will be fixed later.
3. At one spot, you can go through a Wall. Screenshot of the exact location:

Changes in RC 0.4

  • More proper Enemy Paths, but still Buggy.
  • Coins.
  • Item Boxes.
  • Moved Trees out of sight.