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Sandcastle Park 0.2 by MKGirlism

Views: 1219 | Downloads: 544 | Submitted 2015/06/23, 17:27 | Updated: 2015/06/23, 17:28 | Filesize: 1,21 MB


This is the first Mario Kart Wii Port, to Mario Kart 7.
The Model was made by SpyKid from Tockdom (or Mario Kart Wiiki?), while everything else was done by me.This Track is still in Beta, so it is still Buggy.Video
Known Issues
1. At the end of the Track, there's a very tiny Gap. When Driving backwards, you'll get this. It can be omitted, by Hopping over it.
2. Tricks cannot be performed yet.
3. Boost Pads get Transparent at many Frames.
4. Lava Particles are still available (might be kept in, because it looks quite nice).
5. After Finishing the Race, leave your 3DS for about 6 Minutes, and you'll see the Bottom Screen Map appear, on the Top Screen, and a temporary Crash.TODO
- Coins.
- Item Boxes.
- Thwomps.
- Item Route.
- Skybox.- Tricks.
- Intro Camera.
- Ending Camera.
- Bottom Screen Map (small).