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Member Title yawn
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Registered on 2015/07/05, 0:57
Last post 2017/09/17, 10:16
in Mario Kart DS setting respawn points in a course (Help)
Last online 2018/07/24, 9:54

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Email address None of your business. :3
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Location Anzoategui, Venezuela
Birthday 2001/06/10
YouTube Channel superstarxalien169
Bio MKDS hacker from Venezuela which existed from the beginning of time (or, to be clear, DSHack on 2008-2009).

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Posted on 2018/11/17, 22:33


Posts: 25

Since: 2015/07/05, 0:57
From: Anzoategui, Venezuela
Gender: Male
YouTube: superstarxalien169

Last post: 2017/09/17, 10:16
Last view: 2018/07/24, 9:54
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if ($a == $b) // I was here....
print "Sample code."; #oops you just missed him!

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