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Registered on 2016/03/15, 21:07
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in tom";drop table users;-- (Nyanland)
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Email address None of your business. :3
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Location Somewhere...
Birthday 1990/06/28
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Bio Hi! I'm HackingMaster, I may seem bland because of the name, It's an old name that's totally original :p
I'm a huge Nintendo fan, I've had a SNES since I was just 4 years old and I've still got it (somewhere in my attic)
I love ROM hacks and even made my own SMB3 ROM hack (which I totally didn't make 2 years ago)
I'm interested in learning tonnes of info about Nintendo DS hacking!
In which, let my learning begin!

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Posted on 2018/08/22, 16:32


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if ($a == $b) // I was here....
print "Sample code."; #oops you just missed him!

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