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Member Title Hyrule Worrior
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Registered on 2015/07/15, 20:07
Last post 2017/07/27, 0:55
in Forum Bug Fixes, and Additions/Removals/etc. (YamiBoard (Forum Software))
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Email address None of your business. :3
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GenderNot saying
Location MK8 SNES Rainbow Road
Birthday 2001/10/05
YouTube Channel TSMKFail
Bio I started MKDS hacking back in 2014 when I stumbled upon the now dead site MKDSCentral and discovered a few inspiring ROM hacks. I started a project called Custom Kart DS (I know its very unoriginal) which uses the ASM hack to add more tracks. Since that hack wasn't very interesting since I didn't plan to do anything interesting with it I started a new hack under the name Koopa Kart DS (my username at the time was Koopa Troopa) for which I had some cool ideas for. After the 2015 change of forum board software I joined the new site but didn't have time to upload from the hack store. After my old (at the time 8 yr old) Acer laptop broke I lost everything related to the project and therefore lost interest, causing me to not return to the site till 2017. Currently I am working on a new hack which I will try and make more interesting than my 2 previous attempts at ROM hacking.

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Posted on 2018/07/21, 1:43

Hyrule Worrior

Posts: 25

Since: 2015/07/15, 20:07
From: MK8 SNES Rainbow Road
Gender: Not saying
YouTube: TSMKFail

Last post: 2017/07/27, 0:55
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