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Group Moderators
Member Title Hero of Nintendo 64s
Total posts 180
Total threads 11
Registered on 2015/07/04, 23:15
Last post 2018/09/16, 4:15
in Mario Kart Second Circuit (Full Hacks)
Last online 2018/10/21, 15:00

Contact information
Email address None of your business. :3
Homepage -

Personal information
Location Lost Woods
Birthday 1997/08/24
YouTube Channel ArctusPlatner
Bio Hello, I am Arctus Platner, and I am a Mario Kart DS hacker, I also started two other hacks, one for SM64DS and one for NSMB. My first hack was of Pokemon Emerald and even that isn't finished, but for now I will stick to MKDS and to be honest, I like it more here than on Pokecommunity and MKDS Central. I also have a fondness for the N64 Zelda games, especially Majora's Mask, but I like Ocarina of Time more and wish that I could find it at any retro game store I go to so that I can actually play it on the Nintendo 64 I got a couple of years ago instead of an emulator.

Favorite Rainbow Road Mashup:
Across Generations: By TheEternalSushi

Favorite Link Transformation:
Zora Link

Favorite Sonic Character:

Favorite Mario Galaxy Level Theme:
Buoy Base Galaxy

Favorite DKR Theme:
Greenwood Village/Windmill Plains

I saved a postman from being destroyed with everyone else by the moon in Termina once, or was it twice, I can't remember, I went back in time so many times that I forgot.

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Arctus 64
Posted on 2018/10/21, 15:50

Hero of Nintendo 64s

Posts: 180

Since: 2015/07/04, 23:15
From: Lost Woods
Gender: Male
YouTube: ArctusPlatner

Last post: 2018/09/16, 4:15
Last view: 2018/10/21, 15:00
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