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Member Title Erlluminatii kongfirmed
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Registered on 2015/07/05, 2:27
Last post 2018/06/06, 17:00
in looking any site to watch anime and mange (Nyanland)
Last online 2018/11/09, 4:44

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Email address None of your business. :3
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Location Melancholic Dystopia
Birthday 1998/06/20
YouTube Channel Ermelber
Bio Hello, I'm Ermelber, aka Gabreermes or more recently, Haruhi/Taiga Ermiiworth. I'm an Italian MKDS/MK7 Expert Modder, leader of the "Ermii Kart Team" and former MKWii CT Maker.
During the latest years I've developed an addiction to Anime and I can't seem to stop watching them... On my 3DS I only play Monster Hunter 4G because that's great but distracts me a lot, infact I ended to put EKDS on a secondary place for this very reason. But now I've reestablished my priorities and I'm working on that hack and on some MK7 Tools.

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Miles Ermiiworth
Posted on 2018/11/17, 23:03

Erlluminatii kongfirmed

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Since: 2015/07/05, 2:27
From: Melancholic Dystopia
Gender: Male
YouTube: Ermelber

Last post: 2018/06/06, 17:00
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